Philbert's Dungeon

Story thus far:

What has happened.

The story thus far:

The campaign begun when Klurr, a lobsterman from the deep, decided to adventure forth onto land to spread the good word of his deity, the Overlobster.

Upon arriving on the surface world, he ventured forth into a forest and signed a contract to join up with The Professor’s Adventuring Company, LLC. As an associate in this organization, he would be assigned tasks and go out and complete them – his compensation being keeping any loot he might find.

On his first assignment, inclement weather forced him to bunker down with strangers, an evil bard named Sebbadon and a fighter named (name goes here, sorry I forgot). Together, they cleared out the castle and reported back – at which time his new compatriots also signed up to join the group.

Having acquired a fortification for their personal use, the group continued to accrue goods and supplies to stock their fort whilst on a number of other missions, including liberating the port of Seawell from pirate attacks and exploring an Orc infested ruin, where they managed to convince one of the Orcs to join their group, the NPC Krug. At the end of the ruins was a partially submerged temple of unspecified alignment, which Klurr converted into a temple of the Overlobster before tasking the aquatic life therein with its care.

In the adventures since, they even managed to recruit a small tribe of Kobolds whose numbers had previously been diminished due to repeated bugbear attacks. This tribe (now slightly replenished) currently acts as repairmen for the fortress (and have even started mining out the land beneath the fortress, finding it surprisingly rich in mineral deposits).

Currently, two members of the party are in the sewers of Seawell, investigating a kidnapping.



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